2022 / 2023 Course

Welcome to the Forge Ireland Pioneer Course.

Here you will find links to all the relevant information for reading, tasks, course content etc.

Please complete by the 3rd of May and email to info@forgeireland.com.

Task & Reflection:

11.03.23 Building A Discipleship Culture

14.01.23 Church After Christendom

Spiritual Climate / Reading Culture

Emotionally Healthy Church

Task Brief

12.12.22 Missional Lifestyle

30.09.22 Induction Weekend

30th September 2022 Residential
Overnight stay in Ballyards Castle (Friday-Saturday)

12th November 2022. Gathering in Hubs 10am-4pm.

14th January 2023. Gathering in Hubs 10am-4pm.

11th March 2023. Gathering in Hubs 10am-4pm.

5th May 2023 Residential. Overnight stay (Friday-Saturday) in The Lucan Centre, Dublin.

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