Is God leading you into creating new expressions of church?


The Forge Pioneer Course is a leadership training and mentoring programme for those who sense that God might be leading them into creating new expressions of church. Through a combination of teaching weekends, practical placements, mentoring and assignments, our aim is to prepare people to launch into what God is calling them to do.

The purpose of the pioeering course is to validate the pioneering spirit, creating a beachhead for making Kingdom ground and championing a voice for change in church as we know it.

The pioneer course explores the questions raised by church, culture & Kingdom as well as fostering relationships between like-minded, Kingdom-seeking trail-blazers and connects them with others on the same journey.


We are looking for people who are maturing Christians; those thinking they may be called to pioneering new expressions of church, who are able to set aside this ‘season’ for a period of investment.

Entry to the Forge pioneer course is not based on academic ability but rather on calling, gifting and potential. We are looking for evidence of a relationship with God, and a growing and outward expression of faith which is maturing and bearing fruit. Each person must be able to commit to all the training, mentoring and an agreed level of ministry placement for at least a year. They must be willing to serve, be teachable, self-supporting and self-motivated. We are looking for people who are willing to serve in a local church context and see Forge as a means of achieving this.

We are looking for people for whom this information whets their appetite and who feel the Holy Spirit stirring them to pursue this further!



  • Validating the pioneering spirit.
  • Creating a beachhead for making Kingdom ground.
  • Championing a voice for change in church as we know it.


  • To reach the non-churched we must ‘stop starting with church’ and come outside the circle and re-imagine church – Bob Hopkins
  • “God is already meeting people wherever they are. Our calling is to join Him.” – Peter Neilson


  • Explores the questions raised by church, culture & Kingdom.
  • Fosters relationships between like-minded, Kingdom-seeking trail-blazers and connects them with others on the same journey.
  • Provides wisdom and experience for Pioneers through mentoring.


  • Pioneers who are stirred, motivated and inspired by a love for God and a love for people.


Where the teaching element and personal development sessions are covered and visits are made to missional communities, projects and church plants for case studies.


Every participant has an agreed missional context where there is opportunity to reflect upon learning and initiate missional practise.

Each participant receives mentoring from a missional practitioner who has current or recent experience in missional practise or church planting.

Here they will have the opportunity to reflect on their context, look at how their perspective on the future is developing and ask the questions which will arise.

There is also a trained counsellor available to support each student during the course.


It is expected that each participant will put in a minimum of 3 hours per week of personal study and reflection, gathering work and information for their Portfolio.


Each participant is expected to gather a body of work and information from the teaching sessions, assignments, their own study, reflection and from investigative trips to be a resource for the future.


This is clarified and agreed with each participant at the start of the course. It is expected that a minimum of 3 hours a week spent engaging in this, but most students do more according to their availability.



The residential teaching element of the course comprises of 5 weekends – attendance at all of these is required. 

For the 2021 Course Programme, dates will be as follows:  

Fri 22th Jan (2pm) – Sun 24th Jan (6pm) 2021 (Ballyards Castle) (residential induction weekend) 

Fri 26 Mar (2pm) to Sat 27 Mar 2021 (6pm)
Fri 4 Jun (2pm) to Sat 5 Jun 2021 (6pm)
Fri 10th Sep (2pm) to Sat 11th Sep 2021 (6pm) 
Fri  19th Nov (2pm) to Sat 20th Nov 2021 (6pm) 


Closing date applications: 14th of December 2020 


Applications are still open! Get in touch!





For this pilot year external funds have been sourced so that the costs can be held down. The Participants are asked to contribute a total of £600 towards the cost of running the Forge Course (£1500 without external funds). We encourage each student to raise some of this from any supporting church / denomination, some from personal supports and some from the participant as a sign of their ownership of the process. This cost can be paid over the year in agreed instalments if preferred.

Accommodation during the Induction Weekend is included, but not for the other teaching weekends. All food is included except breakfasts in weekends 2-5. Travel to and from the training events are also not included in the above cost.



“The good folks at Forge Scotland are not only dear friends and colleagues, but are in my opinion the outstanding practitioners of missional church in Scotland. If you are concerned about the future vitality of Christian discipleship in this ancient land, I highly recommend the Forge tribe in whatever they do.”

Alan Hirsch

Award Winning Author & Missional Activist

“Attending the Forge Scotland Pioneer course was one of the most significant periods in my discipleship journey. A unique opportunity to discover how you can participate more effectively in the plans God has for you.

The Forge Scotland Pioneer course is an intense period of teaching, thinking, challenge, encouragement, mentoring, spirituality and discipleship thanks to a team with diverse gifts and approaches but who are all passionate about the Kingdom and how we can serve it better.”

Ian Burleigh

Forge graduate

“I would highly recommend Forge as an organisation and the team themselves, many of whom I know and would count as friends.  Combining missional thought-leadership and deep an inspiring practioner-driven coaching Forge creates the environment to spark Kingdom dreams and visions in leaders. The Forge team are living examples of the training itself and are able to walk alongside the ups and downs of pioneering missional leadership. If you have a Kingdom dream then these are the people and this is the place for you.”

Rich Robinson

Director of 5Q Collective

“I love how partnership speaks of unity and the Kingdom of God and I’m delighted that DNA is in partnership with Forge. We have had trainees do the Forge year as part of their second year programme with us. The teaching is focused and excellent. We need together to raise up new leaders for a new generation of church planting in Scotland that explores a new approach to church and mission. I am convinced that under God Forge and DNA might play a part in this exciting challenge and I commend them to you.
Pete Gilbert




Registered Address: Cairn, Central Hall, 2 West Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 98P

Forge Scotland is a project of Cairn movement  which is a registered charity in Scotland. Registration Number SC046012.